Fortify Your Floor With a Polyurea Concrete Coating

See how easily you can protect your floors in Lexington, KY

You want beautiful flooring, and you want it to last. If you have a concrete floor, preserve it with polyurea installation services.

As a reputable flooring company in Lexington, KY, Bennett Construction & Enterprises, LLC provides polyurea installation services throughout the area. We'll make your floor impervious to everyday damage with our high-quality polyurea concrete coating.

To learn more about our polyurea installation services, call 859-230-2663.

What is polyurea and what does it do?

Polyurea is a protective coating. It cures quickly, so you won't have to wait ages to use your floor again. It's also tough. It's more flexible at a molecular level than many other coatings, which means it isn't brittle. Polyurea coatings are also seamless and waterproof.

A polyurea concrete coating is an excellent choice when you want to ensure your concrete floor's long-lasting quality.

You can trust us for more than just polyurea concrete coating services. We can also provide polyurea application joint repair services. During joint repair, we use polyurea to fill spaces (joints) between adjoining pieces of concrete. To take advantage of our joint repair services, reach out to us right away.