Hire us after you get a polished concrete installation in Lexington, KY

Keep Your Concrete Clean and Shiny

When you're looking for new flooring, you should consider polished concrete. Installation of other flooring types is often followed by expensive, time-consuming maintenance. Polished concrete is a versatile, low-maintenance alternative.

Already own a concrete floor? Bennett Construction & Enterprises, LLC offers polished concrete cleaning and staining services throughout the Lexington, KY area. Once you complete your polished concrete installation, you can reach out to our company to keep it smooth and shiny.

Why you'll love your concrete floor

Polished concrete floors are excellent options for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Many home and business owners choose polished concrete floors because:

  • They are durable and easy to clean
  • They require less maintenance than other floors
  • They won't wear out like hardwood or warp like linoleum

Concrete floors also have a simple, versatile appearance, allowing you to change d├ęcor without clashing with flooring. You can rely on us to stain your residential or commercial polished concrete if you're ready for a new look.

Commercial polished concrete floors suit a variety of businesses well, from restaurants to high-end salons. If you own a business with concrete floors, you can trust our crew to take care of them. We'll remove blemishes, stains and pits in no time.

Call 859-230-2663 today to schedule a residential or commercial polished concrete cleaning appointment. Don't forget to ask about our stain guards.